Sole Mission and If the Shoe Fits

We will be introducing a Project at the Friendship Dinner this Friday night called Sole Mission. How appropriate that Sole Mission needs our help just as we are highlighting shoes at our Friendship Dinner. 

This year you will have the opportunity to help hundreds of children here in the United States.  Some of these children have never had a pair of shoes  or maybe a pair of shoes that fit.  We will be sharing this special project with you at the Friendship Dinner  so please come expecting to give, to help a child in need.

Sole Mission

Sole Mission, through Rural Compassion, collects and distributes shoes to children and families throughout rural America. Thousands of children live in poverty in small communities across the country. Many of these children face a daily struggle. No shoes......or shoes with holes in them...... the children patch them with cardboard.....but when it rains the cardboard is no match for water. Other children wear shoes that are too small for them, causing their feet to grow misshapen and their toes crooked. This cause problems throughout life.

On the disaster side, Sole Mission responds to many disasters each year. Often resources and help are located in larger populated areas, making it difficult for rural families to access. Children and parents left with only the clothes they were wearing at the time of the disaster, are provided with new shoes, work boots, and other supplies provided by Rural Compassion.
For more information on how you can help, go to

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