What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Is it only a motion you go through?

When it arrives each and every year,

Do you think of it as a meal to share?

Some refer to it as simply Turkey day.

They don’t even take time to pray.

When some think of Thanksgiving Day,

They get excited because Christmas is on the way.

Hundreds search for the after-Thanksgiving Day sales.

Multitudes fret over all their Christmas details.

Years past, we would not consider putting up our Christmas decor,

Until this day was completely o’er.

The decorations were the pilgrim or Indian hats we wore,

Maybe a turkey displayed on our front door.

Still there are those who observe this as a sacred day.

There are those who do take the time to pray.

Many count their blessings instead of the people there.

They thank their God for all they have to share.

They thank Him for all the things He has done.

They count their blessing one by one.

When you come upon this Thanksgiving Day,

Do not simply give it away.

Take the time to reflect and pray.

Thank your God for this very special day.

By Charlotte Holt

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