Bless Your Heart Greetings

Tuesday at 6:30PM in the Green Room of the Family Life Center, Kay Grissom and friends will be meeting to breathe life, love and words of prayer into paper and flowers and glue making greeting cards that will be sent all over the world with encouragement to those who are spreading the gospel abroad.

But now YOU can make a difference in another way. The Bless Your Heart Greeting Cards are now available for you with a suggested donation as well. And you can help in another way. Project Destiny will be the benefactor of the donations of the greeting cards. So when you need a birthday card for that beautiful sister or friend or even that man in your life, you can get a card from Women's Ministries and know that Project Destiny will be receiving the money from the donation. This is just another way of supporting Home of Hope and the other ministries that Project Destiny supports.

So next time you need a card, pick up a Bless Your Heart Greeting Card and make a donation to PROJECT DESTINY.

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