Are you too busy?

I'm busy Lord.
Surely you can see the thousand
Things that wait for me.
The dishes still lie in the sink,
I cannot stop to pray or think.
Lord, I know you understand.
You gave those children to my hand.
And know they cry and need me so,
Lord you understand I better go.
Now I’ve got them all to sleep,
I better dust and mop and sweep
I must thaw out the meat for stew
and the ironing is long overdue.
And kindly my Lord answered me.
“Why do you from my presence flee?
I have so much for you today
My child I want to hear you pray.
I love you child, I want you here,
To rest and listen and shed a tear.
For what if Paul had stopped so say,
‘Lord I’m too busy to write letters today.’
Know my child, I’m what you need
Through household duties you can speed.
Yet when you’re through there’s emptiness
If this quiet time you miss.”
Oh thank you Lord for showing me
how much I need to wait on thee.
For what’s an undone dish or two
compared to sharing time with you?

By Nancy Stilwell

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